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Hello, my name is Bryson Shosten and I am a new artist from the small town of Sheridan WY. I am enrolled at Sheridan College and plan on pursuing a career in studio and ceramic arts. Throughout my high school career I developed a passion for creating work and inspiring others. It is my passion to share my work and experiences with you.

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My Story

My work throughout my high school career became exponentially better. When I first began art classes in high school I had no idea how to develop a good composition, how to portray messages in my artworks, or even how to make an artwork look complete. Over the years I spent studying art in high school, I developed a never ending passion for creating.

As a student artist it can be very difficult for my artworks to reach the audiences that I want them to reach. I created "Shosten Creations" in order to display and sell my work that I have done. 

Throughout my artworks there are recurring themes. Eyes are a huge staple in my artworks. As a kid I had a very difficult time drawing eyes. They always looked unrealistic and not proportional. I made it a goal to be able to draw eyes as perfectly and realistically as I could. Another staple of my work is figures that are drawn at a small scale. I draw characters that look similar to me at a small scale because I believe people have way too big of egos in today's world. I draw myself small in order to remind myself that I am always learning from others and that I am not the biggest person in the room. The small figures remind me to balance confidence and humbleness in everything that I do. 

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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